Since 1979, Power Plant Service, Inc., a family owned and operated business, has been dedicated to providing quality, fabricated steel parts for power plants in the eastern United States. In the beginning, we focused on plant replacement parts such as: pulverizer parts, boiler tube shields, seal skirts, seal troughs and ceramic lined coal chutes. In recent years we have been providing SCR and scrubber parts and large fabricated access platforms, ladders, stairs, and more. Our detailers work closely with your engineering department to ensure accurate fabrication. Erection drawings are made to your specifications.

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Power Plant Service, Inc. provides quality detailing, labor and material for fabrication of power plant parts. Our parts are produced on site from our 30 Acre, Charleston West Virginia Complex. We promise guaranteed on-time deliveries by our reliable fleet of trucks.


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Power Plant Service, Inc. is recognized as a dedicated provider of parts to the utility industry that will keep your lights on. We are committed to helping fossil fueled power plants safely provide electricity to the public while protecting our environment in every way we can.
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